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Counter the harmful abstract waves

Group 7: Ghosts evil of all kinds, malice, hatred, anger, etc..

Personal Protection
Can wearable medals blessed, put at the four cardinal points or check with the pendulum where to place them. The most used ones are the medals of Saint Benedict (pentacle guard) but also those of St. Christopher, St. Expedit, St. Catherine Laboure, and all those that have been engraved after the apparitions of the Virgin.$Christophe.htm
The Power of Intention
If you want to be protected during the day, I suggest you perform this procedure in the morning when you wake up. In this case, you may think or say the following sentence: "I wish to be surrounded by a shield of psychic protection throughout the day, until my bedtime now.", then exprire slowly. From:
The Atlantis Ring
The Atlantis Ring gives protection, healing and intuition. They say it's an absolute protection. It is recommended to wear during night on left hand and the day to the right hand . In pendant, it creates a protective zone all around the user. It can also be mentally programmed for specific effects. At flat it becomes a neutralizer power.
Point PHI
PHI is Symbol Number of Gold He is represented by a figure who comes from a letter of the Greek alphabet representing the classical perfect geometric proportion of the golden number (1.618034 ...). The wave forms issued by this symbol are favorable and beneficial. Its influence can be felt from a distance of 800 meters. It symbolizes the perfect divine life, spiritual life, the Regent of the form. Tradition: It stabilizes the vibrational field of the wearer. In addition, it captures the cosmic energy and transfers it to the bearer. Properly oriented, it creates a high vibrational place, promoting meditation and mystical elevation. NB: Its use must be made according to some explanations.
INSTRUCTION: When you wear the pendant "PHI" the rod must always point toward the ground. It then emits a wave that contributes beneficial to maintaining health, harmonize the vibrations of the wearer and allows it to capture more energy cosmic. If used in flat, horizontal position on a table for example: It should always be oriented in the axis of the magnetic north, the south peak. It then promotes meditation, dreams, psychic awareness and contacts.
Compensators S.C.A.P.
The S.C.A.P. compensator is a symbol that can be placed in the home as a protective shield. It can be used both to counter the harmful waves that abstract power.
Both can serve as a shield against the harmful waves in Group 7 that is to say waves abstract or paranormal. 
Protection from your guardian angel
Your guardian angel accompanies you at all times. Remember to ask for his help, he leaves you free of your choice. So we must ask for help if we want it. Example of prayer to your guardian angel:
Protection of the Archangel Michael
Not only the Church invites the faithful to be devotees of Saint-Michel, but it    search for his powerful protection, and it cites him often in its prayers.
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Books and CDs
Many guided meditations are available for protection. For example, some of the Archangel Michael protection could be very interesting.
The armor stones
The black tourmaline (Schroll) is an excellent shield against negative energies and protects against psychic attacks. The amethyst is a shield against psychic attacks. The aventurine protects against psychic attacks.
The purple fluorite protects against manipulation and psychological influences mental reactions. etc.
Protection by salt
Sea salt is a powerful protector against bad energies. Ritual practice:
You can put sea salt in a dozen small containers (muffin papers) in a circle around you. Stay in the middle and close your eyes. Imagine that a light emanates from the salt forming a luminous aura that surrounds you completely. See this light coming into you by the top of your head. And make it get down inside of your body until your feet. She enters the earth like roots that grow deeply    from your feet. Then you are well entrenched in the earth. Make a turn on yourself by reciting the following words:
"For the Love of the Eternal Father of Heaven (repeat) I'm under His divine protection. (Repeat) Only beneficial waves can penetrate through the Light of his infinite love. "(Repeat) That this salt be blessed in God's name and gives me a healthy mind and body. (Repeat) That wherever this salt be widespread,    the illusion, wickedness, malice or evil cunning disappears, and every unclean spirit be conjured by the name of him who is to judge the living and the dead. So be it! "
Open your eyes and leave the circle. Pick up small containers of salt and then place them in every room of the house. You can put more at the places you frequent most often. In your room for example, you can place four of it to the four cardinal points.
Blessing of Salt:
Cleaning the absorbed energy on yourself:
Clean yourself three times from the head to foot by making hand gestures just like dusting your clothes from top to bottom. When you get back to start over, close your fists to don't bring back on yourself what you just removed.
The colors of protection
You can wear, display some colors or visualize a color ray to protect yourself. To help you to visualize the color, just think to an object with this color, like an orange for orange color, an amethyst for purple, a banana for yellow, the ocean for deep blue, etc.
White is the color of purity, purification, protection, etc. Pink is the color of love. Purple is associated with protection and purification, is used to drive away evil, slander, lies, etc.. Yellow is used for all rituals helping harmony and protection. Orange is used in rituals to break the spell and balance emotions. Blue is used to achieve balance, peace and patience, and harmony in the house, etc..
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Visualizing protection
Close your eyes. Imagine seeing in front of you a big glowing silver sphere very bright. Imagine going inside of it. Your body is then filled with a brilliant white light that enters through the top of your head and flowing within everywhere in your body and getting out through the pores of the skin. Then it radiate as an large aura outside from you. Then, leave a violet flame coming from under your feet and fill the entire sphere to transmute    the negative into positive. Then, imagines that the archangel St. Michael touch the sphere of his silver sword and Immediately, the walls of the sphere are filled with a sparkling silver as a mirror. Then, nothing bad will enter the sphere of protection, the sparkling silver of St-Michel reflecting the negative to those who send it to you.

Home Protection
You can put medals blessed at the 4 cardinal points or everywhere the pendulum indicate. The medals the most used are the ones of Saint Benedict.
Cleaning abstract waves in the home or in an appartment.
Open a door or window on the outside and make the gesture of picking up all the harmful waves and send them outside, the same way as if you wanted to let smoke or odor escape out.
Cleaning the harmful waves abstract in the car (for Taxi cars)
Both techniques are recommended for cleaning particularly taxi car and buses that travel from other people in their vehicle. They can clean of the energy self-absorbed each time they finish their shift, before going home. They can do it everyday before using their car or to start working with their vehicle. They can practice the same technique for cleaning their house. They can also put the medal of St. Christopher, patron saint of travelers, the four corners of the car.
Cleaning the harmful abstract waves of the house with the pendulum.
- Scanning of the room or house
Technique: Set in a corner of the room, backs to the wall, then point and scan from a corner to another and let the pendulum rotates counterclockwise first then say this with every intention of cleaning: "I neutralize all harmful waves inside this room (or house) and give them to Mother Earth to feed her and let her transform them into ... (The pendulum change the rotation side and rotate in clockwise) subtle energies of light. Next, make a prayer to God.
(In the Will of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Gloria Party, Pater Noster, Ave Maria, Amen.†)
Counter the evil spell
Prayers to St. Michael the Archangel
Doing Litha
Archangel Mikael:
Prayer of exorcism
Protection of the medal is St. Benedict:
Whenever you feel the need of protection you can recite this prayer:
Ritual of the Habitat Protection:
You can do it once a month. This ritual is useful to protect your home or inhibit any suspicious noise. You can make it on Sunday, especially at the heavenly hours of Archangel Michael, around two p.m.
Technique: light a white candle and some incenses of the picante anis or white sage to purify the bad energies. At the same time, you circulate inside every rooms of the house reciting this prayer, at least nine times. Once completed, using oil Mikael draw a cross on all the exterior windows of the house. You can perform an extra prayer to St. Michael the Archangel.
P.S. If you do not have any oil of Michael, you can program some pure oil.
I prefer include these prayers to the one of Michael : Recite 3 "Our Father" at the beginning and 3 "Hail Mary" at the end and finish with a "Glory" and the sign of the cross. During prayer, make too a sign of the cross in front of you every time you see this symbol † in the prayer.
Prière: † «Je te chasse, esprit du mal, et je te somme † par le Dieu vrai. † par le Dieu vivant, † par le Dieu saint, de sortir et de t’éloigner de ce lieu, pour n’y plus jamais revenir. Je te l’ordonne au nom de celui qui t’a vaincu et qui a triomphé de toi sur le gibet de la croix et dont la puissance t’a lié à jamais. Je t’ordonne de ne plus jamais épouvanter ceux qui habitent en cette demeure, au nom de Dieu † Père, †Fils, † et Saint-Esprit, qui vit et règne dans tous les siècles des siècles. Ainsi soit-il! Nous vous en supplions, Seigneur, visitez cette demeure, et chassez-en ben loin toute embûche de l’ennemi; que vos saints anges y habitent, nous conservant dans la paix; et que votre bénédiction soit toujours avec nous. Ainsi soit-il!» † Source: priere36.htm
You can imagine inside your head, like if you watch a movie, that some angels are standing on the roof, one at each corner of the house and before every door and window as guardians.
Breaking the spells:
You can break a spell by making a spontaneous gesture. By example, you can decide to go take a bath while it was not expected. You can too pass between the cars of a procession, eat when it is not the time to eat for you, etc. You can too make a gesture of daily in a reverse manner like changing putting your earring left instead of the right one that you have to used to put first; change the side    your wear hand bag, etc. These tricks can break the spell or enchantment that can be done against you.
I hope this will help you. Good Luck! 

Protect Yourself (Targeted Individuals)


Ô grand Dieu tout puissant, créateur de l’univers, c’est par ta volonté que subsistent toutes choses. Je t’appelle au secours dans ce dangereux et douloureux combat dans lequel je suis considérée comme un objet de mépris et réduite au simple statut de cible à détruire. Je fais appel à toi pour que tu me permettes de survivre à toute cette violence morale, physique et spirituelle, et que je puisse vivre enfin...

O great God Almighty, creator of the universe through your will that all things subsist. I call for help in this dangerous and painful struggle in which I am considered as an object of scorn and reduced to mere status as a target for destruction. I appeal to you so that you will allow me to survive to all this psychological, physical and spiritual warfare, and finally live...