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Sources of harmful waves

The waves are harmful sources of nuisance Biotic and psychological level. However, they are hardly perceptible to the ordinary senses. It clearly influences health even if they are hidden or invisible.

I. Effects

The effects vary from person to person. And very few people are able to perceive ON (Harmful waves) without technical aids. In addition, some may not be affected at all while others, called "electro" to be hypersensitive harmful waves.

Health Effects
People's health may be more or less affected because of the sensitivity of each. It can go from mild discomfort to very serious health problems. The main symptoms are: nervousness, stiffness, weakened immune system, cell disorders, depression, psychological disorders, cramps, memory disorders, malignant neoplasms (cancer), cardiovascular diseases, suicide, etc.. According to a research institute for research in radiology and medicine in Europe Geodynamics, a house in three is affected by the harmfull waves and the latter without being the direct cause of diseases they play an important role in 70% of recurrent and chronic diseases.

Knowing that the vibration level of a cancer cell is about 4814 angstroms on bovis scale while ideal for a human being begins at 6500 angstroms, it is surprising that the authorities are still unaware of these phenomena. Yet it is often enough of a slight change to clean habitat.

Factors triggering or exacerbating the disease.
The blood can change in just twenty minutes in an exhibition within an intersection of  harmful waves. It's often exactly at the place where harmfull waves pass by the that body develops problems.

Sources of harmful waves

 Group 1. Harmful waves prior to man
Group 2. Etheric verticals waves
Group 3. Past human activities
Group 4. Modern human technical activities
Group 5. The architecture or buildings
Group 6. Inanimate objects
Group 7. Harmful waves abstract

Change factors harmful waves:
The harmfulness of waves varies with the following conditions: time, intensity, duration, temperature, moon phases, magnetic storms, sunspots, rain, weather, cardinal direction, the magnetic and electric fields, the latitude and longitude.

Mixing and harmful interference between waves:
Several harmful waves may converge to a single target. Radiation of different origins are more dangerous and more active than those of a single origin and that the sum of each component.

For all these reasons, the terms of issue of the waves can become very complex.

Group 1. Harmful waves prior to man.
Natural harmful waves are not the result of human labor. We are talking about everything that flows and all that remains inside the soil, all that forms a hollow cavities, etc.

 These are waves that are described rather as geobiological: currents of water underground which are 70% left-handed (counterclockwise) and most damaging, dry geological faults, mineral deposits, particularly those which are radioactive, the former marshes, magnetic anomalies (disturbances or loss of terrestrial magnetism), the tree trunk broken by storms that rot in the ground, ground currents subtle (natural electricity flowing in the ground: natural caves or more less clogged, gas, radon, sources of living water gushing at the base, the emissive rocks, veins of metal.

There is also talk of a material resulting from the presence of a friction like that of an underground stream flowing through a conduit. We're talking about more or less rapid changes in the composition of the soil causing potential differences. For example, sand is more insulation and is less harmful than the clay that is conductive. There are also anything that produces a disparity, an asymmetry, a disjunction because it produces an emission wave forms.

Group 2. Etheric partitioning and vertical silos.
Here, we talk mostly Hartmann and Curry currents. Also known as telluric currents (ley lines) and cosmo-telluric chimneys.

Hartman discovered the network in 1951 with a network of radiation surrounding the earth which he named "Global Grid network. This is a kind of magnetically active bands that crisscross the land. The lines are about 2.50 m in a north-south and 2m east-west direction. The line width is approximatly  21 cm. A peculiarity is that the Hartman network  at every10 meters appear wider bands composed of two bands. Because of that, the name of dual network is used.

The Curry rays are formed by spaced strips of 3.5 m and have a width of 40 cm. They are oriented diagonally with respect to network Hartman and headed towards northeast and southwest, and northwest and southwest.

The meeting point of two networks is called star point. It is an active area which can be dangerous, especially if there is a water stream below.

Ground currents (ley lines) are lines of force (energy currents called sacred) traveling the world. They are irregular in their distribution and linking by centers of power such as places of worship: cathedrals, churches, pyramids, etc.

There is also cosmo-telluric chimneys. They are verticals silos with a diameter from 50cm to several meters. Their movement is spiral inside a regular rhythm that resembles that of breathing. When the movement get down, the current is beneficial. Between the ascent and descent, there is a stop a few seconds to several minutes. Then it ascends and the current is variable. But it becomes neutral at 8500 Angstroms, lower than it is harmful. Simply say that there are lateral rays. So, more the vivratoire level is high, the better.

Curry rays are formed by spaced strips of 3.5 m and have a width of 40 cm. They are oriented diagonally with respect to network Hartman and headed towards the northeast and southwest, northwest and southwest. The meeting point of two networks is called star point. It is an active area which can be dangerous, especially if there is a stream below.

Ground currents (ley lines) are lines of force (energy currents called sacred) traveling the world. They are irregular in their distribution and linking of centers of power such as places of worship: cathedrals, churches, pyramids, etc..

We also cosmo-telluric chimneys with a diameter of 50cm to several meters. Their movement is spiral inside a regular rhythm that resembles that of a breath. When the movement is down, the current is beneficial. Between the ascent and descent, there is a stop a few seconds to several minutes. Then it ascends, the current is variable. But it becomes neutral from 8500 Angstroms, lower than it is harmful. So, the higher vivratoire is high, the better. Say simply that there are rays.

Group 3. Past human activities.
When talking about past human activities, it refers to structures that humans have built in the ground: earth's subterranean galleries, the old mushroom culture sites, subway lines, sewer service, the old wells filled or not, tree stumps remained strong cut in the ground,  the ancient quarries underground, cesspits unused, abandoned cemeteries, sites of war, settling ponds, clusters of water waste, cesspools water towers, every movement and friction in pipes.

It should also be wary of closed cavities such as chimneys, wall niches, old passages between two houses, garage ended basement, cellar with openings blocked, the discharge areas, roads and air axes that can release NR (black power) and EV(electric green).

Group 4. Modern human technical activities.
Pollution electric, magnetic or electromagnetic is increasingly common in our environment. And, in order to neutralize or reduce its effects on our health and our environment, it is important to be able to identify the different sources or causes.

Causes harmful electric wave:
Outside: the high voltage field, electromagnetic fields, power substation, aviation and boat radars, radio or TV relay transmitters, lines of ac 50 Hz, protective equipment, radio, CB, cellular phone, static field, antennas, metallic ground without making earth, electric railway car and other motor vehicles, road vehicles or construction, traffic lights, pipes, son, electric transmission towers, satellite airwaves, Wi-Fi nuclear antennas, EMF, mobile Technologies, etc.

Inside: electricity, electric sockets, alarms, antennas, plastics, earthing faulty electric meters, electronic circuits, stove, refrigerator, microwave oven, small appliances, tools connected, unused telephone line, cordless phones, cellular, microwave, CRT (TV, computer, GPS, etc.), TTM (Toxicity of mobile Technologies), WI-FI, heating ( inside floor or by electrical components), alarm systems, cash registers, radon, stray currents, etc.

Mobile Technologies ( TTM):
Mobile phone, relay antenna, Wi-Fi, WiMAX, Bluetooth, without son, etc.
Emissions from mobile phones have a physical structure threefold:
> A microwave carrier of waves
> Modulations in extremely low frequencies for the signals carried
> A multipulse chaotic.
Each structure has its own toxicity, the worst being the multipulse.

Emissions UMTS - WiFi - WiMAX - BLUETOOTH - DECT - are of the same family structure as mobile telephony. The toxicities are similar.
We call these emissions TTM - Type Mobile.

Radiations sources: laser beams, X rays, gamma rays,  microwaves armed, on gamma rays, transformer appliances (microwave oven), magnetron, CRT monitors, computers, scanners, printers, stems of vertical antennas, radars, corona discharge (air which becomes conductive, ionization, discharge, rustling and purple lights).

Cosmic radiation:
"Cosmic radiation consists of energetic particles, such as protons and helium ions, which move in space. These particles come from phenomena that occur beyond our solar system and the Sun. Upon re-entry into Earth's atmosphere, they collide with atoms in our atmosphere and break, which produces a secondary radiation of lesser intensity. But, when cosmic rays hit the ground, their intensity has considerably decreased.

Ground radiation:  when grounded in the earth, cosmic radiation represents an average of about 17% of natural radiation, or substance, which we are all exposed. For the rest, there are radon (50%), radiation from soil minerals (20%) and the radiation inside our body from food and water (13%). These proportions, as the total exposure, vary with geographic location because of differences in soil composition and the effect of altitude. "

Group 5. Architecture and buildings
The shape of buildings and premises,location of construction, construction materials as reinforced concrete with or without clinker (effect of Faraday cage that would cause disturbances in the level of magnetic resonance Schuman), plates, metal parts, cars, plastic pipes of all kinds,ventilation, water, sewer, electrical conduits, coatings, insulators, synthetic materials, floor heating (pipes) oddly shaped or asymmetrical, the concavity form often equals danger, all spikes emit negative green (EV). Wave form harmful: Green negative:

Group 6. Or inanimate objects and mobile
Can be considered in this category all these inanimate objects and mobile :

Jewelry and others: antiques, rings, necklaces, watch bands MOBIUS (pendant with twisted strap flat because emits of negative green VE), etc.
- Trinkets : antiques, oriental curio, talismans, charms, amulets, satellites, mobiles, etc.
- Art objects: paintings, sculptures, drawings, posters, mummies, some synthetic clothing, some musical African statues, masks of all kinds (African or otherwise),instruments, drawings with son and nails, etc.
- Furniture: antiques, furniture corner (avoid metal and plastic) sharp edges, corner, asymmetries, etc.
matérials: plastic, metal, synthétic.

Group 7. Harmful abstract waves
Called abstract waves: the memory of places, tapestries patterned embossed, the spirits of places, remanences of people or animals,  cryptomanic vampirism  (mildew fungi, plants affections), compensators completly charged or poorly active, etc.

- Locations: houses alchemical, Commandery Templar, Masonic houses, ancient Luciferian temples, places of black masses, dens of sorcerers, persistent of all kinds, spirits of places, tapestries relief pattern, places of misery.

- Places of misery: slaughterhouse, a prison, concentration camps, crematoria, places of torment and torture, brothels (prostitution), disused cemeteries, site of human corpses and / or animals, drug shooting houses, carrion, etc.Affective states: violence, hatred, evil intentions, black magic, wizards, negative thinking, etc.
- Objects: supports loaded with evil thoughts, evil artifacts, any medias of curse, spellbounded objects, etc.
- Affective states: violence, hatred, evil intentions, black magic, wizards, negative thinking, etc.

"Afterglow"is the radiation that leaves any body having been removed. See the theory of radiation: http://www.lecerclemedieval.be/grimoire/Radiesthesie/Theorie-des-radiations.html

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Traduction de France Quenneville, January 26th, 2011.
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